Shanghai we’re back!

Tristachu_glasses © 2013 Valentin Gauffre. All rights reserved.

After few months spent in France, going from place to places, working on different projects, I’m back in Shanghai for the coming months. My calendar is already full of things to do, both online and offline, from servers migrations to … Continue reading

Big Day -2

Electronic Details BarCamp Picture © Ihan Cheng - 2012

After the BarCamp Shanghai (you can find some tweets with #BarCampSH or Weibo #BarCampSH#, just two days left before my diploma jury. This blog is getting a little bit more personal those days, but it worth it, the Social Glasses … Continue reading

J – 11

8bit_valentin © 2012 Valentin Gauffre. All rights reserved.

  Program of the coming days: 8th September : BarCamp Shanghai, free to attend, I will present a talk on: “From designer to hacker, having an idea and doing it”, where I will present the new version of the Social … Continue reading

Fez Trailer [Video]

fez-polytron-3 © 2012 Valentin Gauffre. All rights reserved.

A nice trailer for a nice game – available on Xbox Live…. Please make it available on handled platforms

Berg Cloud – Little Printer [Eng]

Little Printer Illustration © 2011 Berg London

Berg London just published a new website to announce the launch of their new connected object, “Little Printer“. Little Printer received your online notifications, and print them, according to your preferences set on your phone. From the website: Little Printer … Continue reading

Address is Approximate [Video]

Address is Approximate - Sun Rising Screenshot Tom Jenkins

“Address is Approximate” is a short stop motion movie made with the help of Google Street View. Really well-made, and innovative use of the google’s service Director: Tom Jenkins, Music: Cinematic Orchestra

Imagine Design Create – Autodesk [Eng]

imagine Design Create - SplashScreen © Autodesk. All rights reserved.

Autodesk just release the book they’ve make for TED 2011, “Imagine Design Create”, in a free Ipad app, transforming the classic printed book in a e-book including videos, some interactive infographics and exclusive contents, compare to the pdf version ( … Continue reading

Microsoft Office Vision Labs [Eng]

Microsoft Office Vision Labs - Screenshot Microsoft Office Vision Labs

Popular videos last week on tech’s blogs, the Microsoft’s future vision on interface looks terrific, besides the fact that everything looks a little bit mat, and saturated of informations sometimes. In the future, we all live in datavisualization posters Microsoft … Continue reading