Where am I ?

There is a very basic thing to know when you produce social datanets, everybody wants to know “where he is”. That’s why you would find below my “inmaps” based on my LinkedIn social network…

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HTML Parser

La récente mise à jour de del.icio.us (1 août 2008) m’a contraint à reprendre mon code visant à parser différentes pages sources, notamment la “popular” qui me permet de visualiser chaque jour les URLs plébicités par la communauté del.icio.us. Continue reading HTML Parser

delicious breakfast

Of course ! breakfast is the best meal of the day, it’s also a very nice time to check news.  Between bread, crackers and a cup of tea… I like to dig into my mails and RSS, but I especially appreciate to check my “delicious treemap” that able me to see the most bookmarked websites the day before :
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This article aims to define a new field of studies and experimentation at the cross-roads between the worlds of gaming and online digital data: “datatainment.”

I propose here the word “Datatainment,” as a portmanteau word combining “data” and (enter) “tainment” to define a new way of representing digital data related to the activities of individuals within the information world. Through this new concept, we intend to implement the dynamic transposition of a community’s information-related activities to video and real amusement-oriented environments. Continue reading datatainment